Vibrators are the top selling sex toys today and range from inexpensive basic models to sophisticated electronic orgasm machines. This guide is intended to help walking you through some of your vibrator choices. It also offers some of the most popular models or you can just search for specific vibrators you're looking to purchase.
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Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of vibrators available today? It may seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s good to have choices. Better selection allows you to find the right vibrator for you.

All these vibrator options offer you an amazing variety of sexual pleasures. So, let us help you find the vibrator that's best for you. The purpose of this guide is to help you get a handle on your options.

Vibrators - The Options

Vibrators - Areas That Can Be Stimulated

Vibrators - Materials

Lubrication to be Used with Vibrators


Vibrator Categories

Vibrators range from very simple and inexpensive with only one speed for $7 tosophisticated, elaborate stimulation machines with hundreds of vibration speeds and options including escalating and pulsating vibration settings. Below are the various categories of vibrators available along with descriptions of the most popular vibrator models within those groups.

Rabbit Vibrators

After many years, rabbit vibrators continue to be the most popular vibrator with their unique properties. The offer long, phallic, vibrating shafts to penetrate the vagina, while simultaneously stimulating clitoris with a seperate rabbit stimulator that acts independently. Additionally, some of these vibrator shafts have beads ('pearls') that twist and rotate for additional stimulation of the vaginal lips and the g-spot. We receive a lot of praise for these multi-function, multi-stimulation orgasm producing vibrators.

The Decadent Indulgence vibrator has a soft, pleasant aroma and 3 independent functions of shaft rotation and clitoral vibration. 8 different levels of vibrating intensity provide you with over 100 patterns of pure indulgence!
Elite 7X Rabbit Vibrator is waterproof and offers 7 vibrating functions.
A waterproof, high-end quality rabbit is the Beyond 2000 Rabbit Vibrator.
Doc Johnson offers the Ivibe Rabbit Vibrator, which is now waterproof, in many bright colors with many controls over the vibration types and levels.
The Rabbit Pearl Vibrator is a Japanese made quality adult toy. This Vibratex rabbit vibrator was featured on HBO's "Sex and the City."
The Japanese made Rabbit Habit Vibrator.
The Jack Rabbit Vibrator is the most popular vibrator sold.
The Impulse Jack Rabbit Vibrator is an upgrade of the original Jack Rabbit manufactured by Swedish Erotica. The Impulse Jack Rabbit

Remote Control Vibrators

A remote control vibrator can offer you fun for a night on the town. These vibrators are fitted into panties without any wires, just press the remote for instant pleasure. Let your lover take charge of the remote and enjoy surprises all night long. You’ll love it!
Cleopatra Remote Control Vibrating Egg - Waterproof Vibrator
Remote Control Butterfly vibrator.
Remote control butt plug.
One of our top remote controlled vibes is the 3 Speed Sapphire Thong Remote Control vibrator. Multiple speeds and reliability make this a great buy.
Pulsating and Vibrating Ruby Thong - Remote Control Vibrator Panty.

Realistic Vibrators

Made to look like a penis, these vibrators are made out of a wide variety of more flexible, or skin-like materials. Some have veins or ribbing for a more natural feel.

One of our favorite sex toy skin-like substances is the amazing Cyberskin. While not an intense vibrator, the Private Members Vibrating Cyberskin Cock Pink 6.5" is a good example of a realistic look and feel. Or use the Cyberskin Transformers 3" Sleeve, which fits over your classic vibe to create a real feel.

UR3 is the latest sex toy material to come out with an amazing Skin-like feel to it. It's difficult to beat the skin-like properties of UR3.

For an amazingly realistic penis vibrator check out the Realistic Vibrating Cock Vibrator. It's a 6 inch penis of realistic skin-like material with balls and suction cup--for hands free fun.
Cyberskin Radical Cock Dildo is a huge realistic vibrator. This vibe is not for everyone, you've got to like them BIG.
A very reasonably priced realistic penis vibrator is the Natural Twist Bottom Vibrator Thin 8".
Another penis style vibrator is the Hard Throb Vibrating Ultra Realistic Cock.

G-Spot Vibrators

Difficult to reach and mysterious, the G-Spot can now be accessed by a woman with a specially curved vibrator. These vibrators offer a curved tip with a long shaft, so that, once inserted, a woman can reach the G-Spot on the upper wall in her vagina.

A vibrator made of hard material is best because it doesn't bend when inserted in the vagina. Examples: Celebrity Slimline G 7.5”, G-Spot Fantasy Massager 6.5”, and the Waterproof G-Spot Skinny Mini 4” Vibrator.

A row of pleasure nodules along the shaft adds to the intensity of the Devinn Lane's Sublime Pleasurizer Vibrator
G-Spot Tango Vibrator combines a 2 speed jelly Clit Kisser with a powerful G-Spot vibrator and a unique shape.
Krystal's Strobing Bunny Vibrator with multi-speed/vibration choices.

Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof vibrators have become increasingly popular. Who doesn’t love playing in the bath, at the beach or in the Jacuzzi. Now you can bring your water-friendly vibe along, and have MUCH more fun! Many shapes and materials are available. Try the Waterproof Amethyst Jewel 7”, Water Toys Multi-Speed, or the Waterproof Rabbit for multi-stimulation vibe.

Layaspot vibrator from Fun Factory. Comes in many fun colors.
The highest quality waterproof vibrator is the Beyond 2000 Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator. It includes lots of controls over the speed and types of vibrations.
A reasonable priced waterproof vibrator is the Mini Mite 4" Waterproof Vibrator w/Stimulation Sleeve is a Pocket Rocket.
A fun waterproof vibrator is the I Rub My Duckie Waterproof Massager Vibrator.

Wand Vibrators

These vibrators are designed as body massagers with a long handle and they are exceptionally well made. So, not only can you enjoy them as a sexual toy, they are also perfect for tired muscles.

Wands have circular heads, best used for external genital stimulation. However, a variety of attachments can be purchased for them that fit over the head for vaginal or anal entry. Again, the Hitachi Magic Wand is the most famous and sought after vibe in this category.

Betty Dodson, the famous lecturer on female masturbation/orgasms, recommends the Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator for it's intense vibration. Another advantage of the Hitachi Magic Wand is it plugs into a standard electrical outlet--no batteries to wear own. The Hitachi Magic Wand continues to be one of the most popular vibrators.

Strap-On/Clitoral Vibrators

With their straps that fit like underwear, this type of vibrator fits over the clitoris and is held in place providing hands-free fun. It can even comfortably be used while having intercourse. It is basically a bullet, with a jelly cover. The most popular versions: Venus Butterfly, real-feel Cyberskin Clit Climaxer Passion Flower and the Micro Climaxer Butterfly.

A unique experience for women is vibrating Clitoral Pump. Check it out.
Clit Kisser Vibrator simulates like oral sex.
The Venus Butterfly II Vibrator allows a woman a hands-free sexual experience. The Butterfly has straps that fit over a woman's legs so the soft butterfly fits over her clitoris.
The Tongue vibrator moves like an actual tongue to stimulate a woman like oral sex.

Classic Vibrators

A “cylinder” vibrator comes in various lengths. They are made of plastic and can be a bit noisy. They look like a small rocket ship, and they can really help you take off! Examples: Pearlessence Wand 7.5”, Magic Power Vibe 8”.

A popular mini vibrator is the iVibe Pocket Rocket Mini-Vibrator.
The Mini Mite vibrator offers good power for a small vibrator, along with various sensations from the choice of textured heads
A cylinder vibrator in fun colors is the Magic Power Vibrator.
A popular secret, hidden vibrator is the Lipstick Vibrator.
A classic mini-vibrator is the Pocket Rocket from Doc Johnson.

Bullet (Egg) Vibrators

The unique shape of bullets/egg vibrators make them very versatile. They typically measure only 1 inch by 3 inches, and they’re attached by a small cord to a control unit/battery pack. Made of hard plastic, you can use them externally, insert them into the vagina or into the anus (best to use a condom when using them anally). They allow for more than 1 intensity level and some offer varying types of vibration (pulsating, surging, escalating, and roller coaster).

Some bullet vibrators come with sleeves for the bullet that give a more sensuous feel, like the Evibe Love Bullet, which comes with the real-skin feel of a Cyberskin Sleeve.

A very well made egg vibrator is the Ivibe Egg Vibrator. It offers many speeds and types of vibrations.
Fun Factory makes a multi-egg vibrator called the SmartBalls.
Another great quality egg vibrator with great vibration controls is the Turbo 8 Accelerator Egg Vibrator.


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