Bungee Sex Swing

Enjoy the Bungee Sex Swing for added pleasure in the bedroom, on sale at PleasureMeNow.com. The Bungee cord gives "spring" to your sex.
The Bungee Sex Swing Sexperience will thrill you.

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 Bungee Sex Swing  CNV1000
  Detailed Description

The Bungee Sex Swing

The Bungee Sex Swing Sexexperience is by far the best swing out there! It is made out of the same high quality material as climbing gear, so its safe and VERY strong. Enjoy new and creative sexual positions and sensations! The incredible movement from the bungee cord results in intense sexual pleasure!! With the Bungee Sexperience, you get a long, smooth bounce and full, comfortable support, so that you feel like you're free and floating. This allows you to get CREATIVE and gives total control and pleasure to both partners! Even Rotate your partner 360 degrees.

The padded harness of the Bungee Swing and the fuller support offered by the wider straps makes it really comfortable, and gives it the ability to be used in multiple positions - upside down, one leg up, from behind, etc.

Comes in two sizes and colors. A regular sized Bungee is designed for a rider 160 lbs or less. This size provides optimal bounce for this weight group. A large sized Bungee is designed for riders 160 to 250 lbs. This harness is a little roomier and the cord is stronger to provide optimal bounce for this weight group. A light person will not be able to bounce easily in a large. A heavy person will bottom out the safety cover on a regular.

If you purchase one Bungee you can purchase a separate cord in a different size to use with a different rider. If the rider who uses it the most is large, order a large Bungee Sex Swing and a separate regular cord. If the usual rider is small you could order a regular Bungee Sexperience and a separate large cord. Most people can fit into the harness portion of a regular but if you are big busted or ample in configuration you would be more comfortable in a large harness.


  1. Extension strap with Carabiner Clip - This tubular webbing strap clips to your connection point and has 2 inch increments to raise and lower your Bungee
  2. Bungee Cord with 3 Carabiners
  3. Chest harness
  4. Butt harness
  5. Leg harnesses, 2 adjustable
  6. Headrest
  7. Instructions- pictorial and diagram

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