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The Cyberglass P-Spot is an ultra-hygenic, adventurous anal toy for more advanced users. This glass dildo has 5 insertable inches and an angled tip that perfectly targets the prostate

Specially shaped to target the prostate, this toy has a smooth, sturdy finger grip for easy use, and becomes super slick when lubricated.

Waterproof. Phthalate free.

Includes free storage bag. 5 insertable inches.

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Cyberglass Pure P-Spot Glass Prostate Stimulator

Cyberglass Pure P-Spot
Glass Prostate Stimulator

The feel of glass on skin is a unique experience with its smooth texture and hard shaft. Erotic Glass / Glass Dildos are the fastest growing sex toy purchase by our customers. Not merely a sex toy, they are works of art, that many people display.

Glass dildos are made from medical grade, borosilicate rolled glass. This extremely durable material is non-toxic and can easily go from the dishwasher to the freezer without fear of damaging the glass in any way.

Each glass toy is lovingly hand-crafted by evenly heating and cooling the glass. This careful process creates an incredibly smooth, hard glass that sparkles with color and light

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Price: $29.95
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  Cyberglass Perfect P-Spot
Glass Prostate Stimulator
 - The Cyberglass Perfect P-Spot is an ultra hygienic sex toy with an angled bulb that perfectly targets the prostate.

It has a tapered tip so that it is easily insertable and quickly warms to body temperature.

Waterproof and phthalae free.

  Dr. Joel Kaplan Vibrating Angled Probe - The Dr. Joel Kaplan Vibrating Angled Probe is perfectly angled for G-Spot or prostate stimulation.

Potent 2-speed ergonomic controller with plug-in jack, and a sturdy suction cup base.

Silicone P.E. Vibe - The Silicone P.E. Vibrator is a soft, ribbed silicone massager that is perfectly curved to stimulate a man's prostate.

This fun toy was specifically designed for perfect prostate stimulation and will help you have incredible orgasms.

  Men's Pleasure Wand - The Men's Pleasure Wand is perfectly-shaped to hit the male G-spot (the prostate) while massaging the scrotum and testicles. This multi-speed, waterproof vibrator is great for combining with oral sex for mind-blowing orgasms!

Easy to clean, non-por

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  Icicle Glass Dildo
Pink Rapture
 - This glass massager from Icices is the perfect fusion of style of substance. Each hand-blown Icicles glass wand is sleek, unique and made to play hard.

This unique model is designed with two rows of perfectly placed bumps and ridges that seek out even the most elusive of G-Spots. A curved handle at the base gives the user optimum control.

6in long x 4in in circumference.

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  Icicles Glass Dildos
G-Spot Sapphire Swirl
 - The G-Spot Sapphire Swirl Glass Dildo has a beautiful ribbon of blue glass that sparkles inside the shaft.

The head has perfectly placed ridges that stimulate your lips as it's inserted, and then target the g-spot as the dildo is moved in and out..

6.25 inches long x 3.925 inches in circumference.

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  Icicles Glass Dildos
Curved Sapphire Flower Wand
 - The Curved Sapphire Flower Wand Glass Dildo has perfecty placed glass bumps that stimulate your clitoris as this toy is moved in and out.

Simply place it in the freezer for a cooling experience and if the nights are cold and you want something to warm you up, run it under warm water to heat up your night!

7.5 inches long x 4.71 inches in circumference.

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  Icicles Glass Dildos
G-Spot Flower Wand
 - The G-Spot Flower Wand Glass Dildohas delicate red flowers and green leaves that add texture to the side of the smooth, hard glass..

The head is perfectly curved so that it targets the g-spot as the dildo is moved in and out..

8.5 inches long x 4.71 inches in circumference.

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  Icicles Glass Dildos
Red White and Blue Wand
 - The Red White and Blue Wand Glass Dildo has beautiful ribbons of red and sapphire glass on the inside of the shaft.

The solid blue base allows this dildo to stand on it's own and easily be used in a strapon harness..

8.75 inches long x 3.91 inches in circumference.

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  Sinclair Institute Select
 - The Onyx from Sinclair Institute Select gives you everything you want and need in a glass dildo. Silky-smooth cyberglass material withstands hot or cold temperatures and is dishwasher safe. It heats up with your body temperature quickly, so you'll have less of that cold toy sensation.

Waterproof. Phthalate free. Non Porous.

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  Inked Glass Dual Probe - This Inked Glass Dual Probe gives you two glass dildos for the price of one! Use the smooth side when you want some rock-hard, slippery pleasures and the rippled side when you want to feel the sensous bumps sliding in and out.

This fun toy is smooth and slick and adorned with it's own, sexy tattoo. 7.5 inches long x 1.25 inches wide.

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  Onyx Cyberglass Prostate Wand - The Onyx cyberglass Prostate Wand has a rounded handle and specially angled tip with raised ridges that perfectly target the prostate.

Use a silicone based lubricant on this rock hard, slick glass to experience orgasms like never befre.

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  Glass Dreams Dildos - From left to right: Topsy Turvy, Magic Stick, Awesome Blossom.

Feel the smooth, slick sensation of glass for the first time, or complete your collection with the Glass Dreams Collection from Doc Johnson!
  Taffy Tickler
Glass Dildo with Silicone!
 - Introducing one of the first toys to mix the slick, solid pleasure of glass with the lifelike soft pleasure of silicone. This is a glass dildo with an added bonus; silicone ticklers!

Comes in two styles.

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  Icicles Ribbed Anal Massager - The Icicles Ribbed Anal Massager is a hand blown glass dildo that is sensuously ribbed to give you wild and wonderful pleasures.

Use it in or out of the bath or cool it in the freezer for super cool sensations.

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