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The Love Swing from Pleasure Me Now


Love Swing-Sex Swing

So you want to take your love making to new heights? Then the Love Swing sex swing is for you! You and your partner will be able to experience lovemaking like never before!

The Love Swing sex swing is easy to install and also quick to remove. The Love Swing comes with complete instructions for installation as well as use, and all required hardware is included.

The Love Swing is a sturdy, heavy-duty yet flexible swing with comfortable, fully adjustable, padded seat and butt supports. The soft, padded stirrups and fully adjustable nylon straps allow for maximum comfort and the ability to explore sexual positions that defy gravity.

  • Endless possibilities for intercourse positions with The Love Swing
  • Elastic spring energy means faster and deeper penetration
  • Adjustable straps provide different angles of entry
  • The Love Swing adds versatility. Oral sex will never be the same with this Sex Swing!
  • Select different and more comfortable positions for less fatigue
  • Hands-free fun & freedom of movement with the Love Swing

Love Swing Positions

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Review of the Love Swing - Sex Swing

The Rundown on the Love Swing

Or, First Impressions in Summation

Right out of the box, the Love Swing sex swing is fully assembled. There's an eyelet screw included to twist into a doorframe or a sturdy ceiling beam, and you're ready to clip on your sex swing and go. Heavy-duty black nylon straps support up to 400 pounds, and black neoprene pads on the butt strap, back strap, and thigh straps keep the nylon webbing from cutting into you. A bar across the top keeps the straps open and gives you something to hold onto, and a heavy-duty spring gives the swing its bounce! Also included is a heavy-duty link chain, so you can adjust the overall height of the Love Swing.

Mode d'employ

Or, How Do I Use This Darned Thing?

Screw the eyebolt into your doorjamb or ceiling beam, clip your Love Swing onto the eyebolt with the included carabineers, and strap yourself in! The Love Swing comes with a handy instruction booklet to suggest various sex swing positions, both alone and with a partner. The back strap, butt strap, and leg straps are all completely adjustable, so you can be fully supported in any position, with any body-type, with any size of partner. The included chain lets you drop your Love Swing as low as you want, or you can clip the Love Swing directly to the eyebolt without the chain or spring, and swing way up high.

Self-Love while Swinging

Or, Auto-Eroticism at its finest

Clip the spring onto the Love Swing, drop it way down low, and put your favorite dildo on the floor. You can bounce over it all afternoon and not worry about muscle-strain. If you have a nice suction cup-bottomed dildo and a smooth wall, attach your dildo to the wall, lay down in the Love Swing, and push off the wall with your feet to control the in-and-out motion. Or just sprawl weightless and supported in your sex swing and use your favorite vibrator. The weightless feeling of swinging provides whole new sensations, and the hands-free support allows you to use both hands for all your pleasure.

Share the Experience of the Love Swing

Or, Sex is a Team Sport

Both you and your partner can sit in the Love Swing together, or one can be strapped in while the other stands, sits, kneels, or lies beneath them. The complete adjustability of a sex swing allows all sorts of wild positions that used to be limited to only the most acrobatic and athletic of lovers. The Love Swing allows for new positions of oral sex as well as intercourse. The only limit is your imagination!

Room for Improvement

Or, We're Only Human

Though there is neoprene padding all over the Love Swing, it may not be enough for some people. A folded towel can help make this sex swing a little more comfortable. You can't find fault in its sturdy construction or ease of use, though. The Love Swing keeps proving itself a great value, both for your wallet and your improved sex life!

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