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Metal Worx Vibrator
Metal Worx Vibrator $79.95
Firm, Cold Steel
Pump Worx Beginners Vibrating Pump
Pump Worx Beginners Vibrating Pump $29.95
Perfect for First Time Users

WOW Vibrator #6 Vibrator
WOW Vibrator #6 $99.95
Super Soft Silicone
Climax Ski Vibrator
Climax Ski Vibrator $19.95
Soft and Lifelike Skin
First Time G-Spot Tulip Vibrator
First Time G-Spot Tulip $14.95
Perfect G-Spot Stimulation

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Facts About Masturbation
  1. Most women have masturbated at least once in their lives, and the frequency of masturbation varies widely, with the practice continuing into the 80s and beyond. More than 50% of women have used a vibrator during masturbation and to spice up intercourse.

  2. Masturbation can improve your mood. Women who masturbate often report that it helps relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS or PMDD), such as irritability and crankiness. Since there are no distractions, you can focus on your own experience without making sure someone else is having a good time.

  3. Masturbation can improve your sex life with your partner. Women who masturbate on a regular basis learn what feels good for them, and women who use a vibrator during masturbation tend to have better sexual functioning with a partner. Sex therapists typically recommend masturbation for women who have a difficult time reaching orgasm. It can help them learn about their body and feel less self-conscious. Women who used a vibrator had better sexual functioning in terms of vaginal lubrication, desire, arousal, and ease of orgasm, and they tended to have less pain or discomfort during intercourse.

  4. Masturbation can help you relax. Women tend to beat themselves up over things that they did during the day, and these little stresses can lead to irritability and depression. Masturbation can clear the mind and lead to an overall sense of well being.

  5. Masturbation can provide pain relief. Orgasms have been shown to suppress pain, relieve the symptoms of a migraine and help with menstrual cramps.

Best Sellers at
Rabbit Pearl Vibrator
Rabbit Pearl Vibrator 44.95
Pleasure Swing
Pleasure Swing $119.95
Decadent Indulgence 3
Decadent Indulgence 3 $74.95
Feeldoe Vibrator
Feeldoe Vibrator $77.95 +
Eves Strapon Harness
Eves Strapon Harness $31.95
Remote Control Toys
Remote Control Toys $24.95 +
Hitachi Magic Wand
Hitachi Magic Wand $49.95
Fleshlight Vibrator
Fleshlight Vibrator $64.95 +
Sexy Items on Sale at
Evolved Flexems Vibrator
Evolved Flexems Vibrator
Regular Price: $54.95, Sale Price $44.95
Why this is such a hot buy:
Bends to fit your body
Inflatable Ball Gag
Inflatable Ball Gag
Regular Price: $34.95, Sale Price $29.95
Why this is such a hot buy:
Inflate to perfect size
Devilish Darling Vibrator
Devilish Darling Vibrator
Regular Price: $69.95, Sale Price $54.95
Why this is such a hot buy:
Brings out the devil in you

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